Who We Are

"Cherishing Ingenuity"

Al Barakah Investment Holding Company has been established initially upon the realization that developing world-class ventures requires constant innovation and development.

Coupled with the commitment towards enhancing the economic growth of the United Arab Emirates, the company has achieved phenomenal success and growth by offering key solutions in multiple sectors, upholding long-term values for all of its integrated subsidiaries.

The company has now established itself with a diverse portfolio of projects including high profile and pioneering residential cities, industrial housing, entertainment, medical services, and security services amongst many others.

We have always envisioned future prospects in terms of lucrative global and local investments and have mandated a dedicated focus to develop this aspect of the company’s growth. Al Barakah Holding shall continue to invest and innovate to achieve its goals through maintaining the best services.

We aim to pursue the vision of our forefathers by offering our commitment, dedication, expertise and experience in building the infrastructure and the overall progress of the UAE whilst also working towards the Government of Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision for the nation.