What We Do

Community Development

Paralleling the UAE’s steep economic and infrastructural growth is the UAE’s growing need for high-standard residential projects and thriving neighborhoods, in accordance to the nation’s vision for 2030. We have partnered with globally renowned agencies from variant range of industries that enables us develop key projects such as Al Qana, Workers Village, Al Raha Village and many other landmarks.

Facility Management

Our high operational and service standards advocated in all of our projects are built on three pillars: Reliability, Efficiency and Safety. We established a leading facilities management company “Mayar Facilities Management” that operates on large scale residential and commercial properties where day to day operations and management are required around the clock. Meeting the demands of our clients require a fully trained workforce and the most advanced equipment at our disposal to respond to unexpected issues.


The safety and security industry is one of the utmost important services provided by “Al Barakah Holding”. Due to the large number of people living in our staff accommodation villages, we provide well-structured security operations that are managed by trained individuals and patrols to monitor risks before they occur. Managing and monitoring large scale projects require 24/7 surveillance and patrolling personnel to achieve this. Thus, we have extended our operations into achieving this directly through our own security subsidiary – “Skill Force”.

Catering and Hospitality

“Al Barakah Holding” Company offers hospitality and catering services through “Tamween Hospitality”, a company specialized in industrial catering for masses. Tamween is characterized by experience in the preparation of various international dishes and delicious meals for large numbers of workers using fresh ingredients from local farms. We believe in constantly challenging established practices and doing things in a way that is both ethical and sustainable, but also in keeping with food and cultural trends.

Commercial Leasing

The UAE’s commercial sector is consistently rising, and “Al Barakah Holding” is expanding its commercial leasing interests accordingly to meet the growing demand through its multipurpose projects.

General Services

In a commitment to increase efficiency and maximize output, we aim to pursue simplifying all labor related transactions including; work visas and labor cards through our “Joud General Services” Company and in cooperation with the UAE Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation along with their Tas-heel service.

Health Care

Providing easily accessible healthcare to everyone was the key reason for establishing “Lifecare” Hospital, a healthcare facility from Al Barakah Holding, offering complete healthcare services to workers, employees and residents of the neighborhood.

The medical crew “Lifecare” hospitals includes a large team of doctors who hold the highest international academic degrees and professional experience, with a highly trained nursing crew, and this team oversees medical operations management and delivery of health care to patients using the latest medical equipment.

Interior Design

Developing high-quality projects for heavy duty usage is a task that requires a broader understanding of the user in mind which “Al Barakah Holding” illustrates in all of its deliverables through its subsidiary “D Vision Interiors Decoration LLC”.