HSE Policy


Our Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) goal is to prevent occupational incidents, injuries, illnesses, harm to people, property damage and to protect the environment at all locations of Al Barakah Holding and subsidiaries business activities and operations.


We are committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment at all times. We strive to achieve our goal by placing incident prevention and protection of the health and safety of our own employees, the employees of our subcontractors, the visitors and of the local communities as one of the core values of Al Barakah Holding. We will not compromise our values, beliefs and commitments to HSE in order to achieve any other business objectives. We are always committed to seeking international partnerships, aimed at promoting sustainable development and corporate social accountability.

Management System Implementation

We shall take a leading role in the promotion and implementation of its Health, Safety and Environmental Management System. We shall strictly comply with all applicable legal laws and internationally accepted work practices and procedures for the promotion of the safety and health, and the protection of the environment. Our employees at all levels will strictly adhere to all site safety, health, environment standards and job work rules and procedures and must work continuously and diligently to execute this policy by maintaining the highest standards of occupational health, safety and environmental management to prevent human suffering, loss, and environmental damage which may result from unsafe acts and conditions.

We shall enforce a disciplinary enforcement procedure and a “Zero Tolerance Policy” for HSE violations.
We shall attain our goal through:

  • Developing, distributing, maintaining and monitoring the implementation of an integrated HSE Management System that is compliant with internationally recognized standards.
  • Conducting HSE Training and developing the skills and competencies of all personnel.
  • Assigning qualified HSE Personnel and providing the adequate resources.
  • Maintaining transparent HSE reporting and investigation of incidents.
  • Seeking partnerships and sharing experiences and lessons learned with our clients and partners.

We will perform rigorous and frequent internal and third-party audits to ensure that the implementation of the HSE Management System on Al Barakah Holding work locations.

Targets & Objectives

We shall continuously strive for the improvement of its HSE Management System and performance by setting HSE targets and objectives. Our targets and objectives are set by Executive Management and they are disseminated to all personnel and work locations of Al Barakah Holding and subsidiaries.